A Gift from the Magi

Personally, I find playing an audio file to medicate one or several feral or tame cats to be far far easier than trying to administer a substance to each one of them. One of the reasons it is easier is because the animals seem to know what helps them and they go for it.
Just last night, I played a new frequency specifically for my semi-feral Nigel. He had a lot of coughing and mucus in his chest and because the other cats weren’t also developing that, I suspected he had asthma or some other allergic reaction. I purchased this frequency, of a type I haven’t used before, just for him.
I played it on the computer with one speaker directed toward the bedroom where Nigel was. Two cats were in the hall and one in the living room eating. I had the overhead fan on and only heard a squeak from the bedroom but the cats in the hall and living room suddenly sat bolt upright, ears perked and looking toward the bedroom. Nigel had bounded out on the bed and was sitting on the edge, not far from the speaker. He came to the living room, circled but didn’t eat, then settled in the hall, apparently to listen. Later, he was at the end of the bed again.
I’ll be checking his breathing after playing this frequency more often,  but I did notice he was unusually calm for him, trotting around instead of skittering. Less anxiety because of easier breathing?
I tried to play the frequency — actually it’s a combination of frequencies — for him again after that first time, but he wasn’t interested. As noted before, the animals know what is good for them. Because the Rife frequencies in this composition destroy microbes (more on that following) I wanted to give his system time to eliminate them. But after time, he still isn’t interested. He’s done with it. And he’s way better.
The frequency composition is called Frankincense. That’s right, like the gifts of the Magi with gold and myrrh (a medicinal resin also available as a frequency composition). I’ve met up with the powers of Frankincense before. It is made from the Boswellia tree. The resin of that tree is used in ayurvedic medicine and sold in some health food stores as Boswellia. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory and you can smell some of its fragrance as you bring the capsule to your mouth.
Nigel’s frequency composition includes the frequency of Frankincense that helps with asthma and bronchitis, along with a brainwave entrainment frequency to put the listener into a deep alpha brainwave state. This makes the listener relaxed and receptive. The frequencies by the way, are underneath the relaxing music.
In this Frankincense composition, a Solfeggio frequency is included to promote healing at a cellular level. There is also a binaural beat to stimulate the pituitary gland but binaural beats only work with headphones and I wouldn’t even try that with Nigel. Only the humans get that part.
Rife frequencies that remedy bronchitis, asthma, and other respiratory conditions were included as well. They are named after Royal Rife, creator of a powerful microscope who used it in the 1920’s and 30’s to see if he could destroy microbes by vibrating them to death with frequencies. There was much controversy and some intrigue over his work but frequency destruction of pathogens is now being confirmed by University State Arizona researchers.
Of course Nigel doesn’t care about all that. He’s just perky and not coughing and waiting for his next treat (tuna or catnip?)
Frankincense and other aromatherapy frequency compositions are available over the internet for immediate download.

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