Beyond Brainwave Entrainment: Biofield Technology

Beyond entraining brainwaves, there are a couple of frequency developers now using subtle energies for entraining the human biofield. In fact, in some products, there is no brainwave entrainment whatsoever — simply these subtle biofield frequencies.

Some background on  the developers first. PranaHigh is a team composed of musician Scott Borders and Dr Norman McVea, who created 4D and 5D sound and has written various books on Energy Psychology. Together they create audio and video experiences of bliss, meditation, pain relief, exploration and more.

iAwake Technologies has been creating sophisticated brain wave entrainment recordings since the launch of their foundation program Profound Meditation. Even then, their technology was intricate with layers of coded frequencies. Their goal is to heal the world and their motto is “where science meets stillness”. CEO John Dupuy also uses brainwave entrainment in his Integral Recovery program for alcoholism and addictions.

Both PranaHigh and iAwake Technologies draw from the model of biogeometry developed by the Egyptian architect, Dr. Ibrahim Karim. Based on the work of 19th century French scientists who practiced radiesthesia, his work involves the subtle energies above the electromagnetic spectrum. Research has demonstrated 12 energy bands produced by geometric patterns of specific shapes. These energies have been been shown to balance human and other living systems and have been detected in high concentrations in traditionally sacred places on the planet.


Both PranaHigh and iAwake Technologies make use of energies known as Golden Light or Golden Mean, White Light and Negative Horizontal Green as well as some of the other energies of the the subtle frequency spectrum. Both companies have proprietary means of digitally capturing and recording these frequencies which they then incorporate into their products. And both PranaHigh and iAwake  advise that the subtle energy frequencies may even be listened to silently.

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