Black Cats

Even though we humans think of ourselves as so rational and modern, superstition still lingers in the darndest places. Black cats (and dogs) for example. There’s a fear about a black cat crossing your path. In the song called Black Cat Blues, Buddy Guy sings that a black cat crossed his path, then his dreams. He went to the cemetery to try to put it right.

Although we may laugh about the song, the superstition lingers deeper than the words. Black cats (and dogs) take longer to find adoptive homes and tend to suffer more abuse. Traditional folklore, as noted in the song, says that a black cat crossing your path signifies bad luck.  I love the wry  graphic correction that says  “A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere. ” ( ).

That is the facebook page for a free new online magazine that just started this year, dedicated to easing the lives of black cats and other animals. And guess what it is called…

I’m told that the CEO of the magazine is Snaggy (short for Snagglepuss) O’Brien who was once a feral himself but is now a celebrity.
Sandy Elly, the publisher says:
The magazine is a non profit venture and any revenue we do have is spent directly helping cats not on administration or web site costs.We email the free magazine directly to subscribers in PDF format.
You can also sign up at our email:
She adds that they are always looking for interesting stories about black cats.
Next time I see a black cat or dog out on the street I’ll be wondering what it has experienced. Sign up for your free online copy now.

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  1. By JacquelineSzalata November 23, 2012 – 8:20 amI think my cat must have seen this video all of a sudden she is tiyrng to play paddy cake with me and she is always the one to screw it up!!!!!

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