Can a Sound Frequency Duplicate Medical Marijuana Pain Relief?

Lately medical marijuana has been in our local news regularly. We are in the peculiar position of having local authorities prepare to license cannabis dispensaries while the Federal Health Minister sends those dispensaries letters threatening Federal police raids. The text of her letter included at least two accusations that a rival political party leader wants youth to use cannabis. This tells me that politics will cloud the whole issue. Being a sound frequency enthusiast who prefers to sidestep conflict (and expense), I have to wonder: Can a  sound frequency duplicate marijuana pain relief?

The first point to examine is whether medical cannabis does provide pain relief. I tend to believe that politics have had some influence here. There have been mixed reviews on this subject and a number of medical societies oppose medical use of marijuana. Others call for further research. Some researchers have said that marijuana does not relieve pain, that it simply makes it more bearable.

Dr Harold Kalant, Professor Emeritus of the Pharmacology Department of the University of Toronto and Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Ontario, spoke to the Parliament of Canada on this subject in 2015. He spoke of the cross cultural uses of cannabis for thousands of years, and pointed out that research is needed to determine the most effective form and administration of cannabis. He also stated that “Recent evidence clearly demonstrates analgesic and antispasticity effects….”  (my emphasis).

Dr Sulak, Doctor of Osteopathy, discusses his experience with cannabis and chronic pain patients:

The pain relieving component of cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC for short) is also the component that produces euphoria. Now there are many sound frequencies on the market that claim to simulate a marijuana high. The question is, does the frequency simulate THC strongly enough to relieve pain? The answer to that would have to come from the user, the experimenter, because of the many different types of pain.

The Brainwave Frequency List from Electroherbalism lists 30 hz as the frequency used by Meg Patterson for marijuana effects. It has also been said that she used “white noise” as the waveform. The following video plays 30hz with white noise but please note that any binaural beats frequencies must be listened to with headphones to get the full effect.

Who was Meg Patterson? I did some research and found that she was a British medical doctor who worked in China for a time. She observed the effective use of electro-acupuncture in treating opiate addiction. She also observed that acupuncture without the electrical component was not effective.

Dr Meg, as she came to be called, went on to develop NET, NeuroElectric Therapy for abstinence-treatment of addiction to various substances. She established addiction programs in several countries and helped various people including celebrities to overcome their addictions, among them Pete Townshend, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards and Boy George. Length of treatment time is ten days followed by counseling.

Dr Meg used electrical stimulation across the head which makes NET a type of Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES). The specific frequency, and the frequency’s pulse shape and size determined the different types of electrical current. And it was found that each group of addictive drugs was best treated by specific types of electrical current. Additional frequencies were used to reduce craving and discomfort of varying types.

One video maker prefers to listen to 30 hz as an harmonic. Frequencies come in various waveforms, some well known forms being the sine wave and the square wave. They differ in that the sine wave is one tone where the square wave creates additional tones known as harmonics.

This video maker forgot to mention that serotonin also plays a part in pain relief. It seems that 10 hz is also known as a frequency for energy and vitality.

So, can a frequency simulation of medical marijuana relieve pain? For myself I will be testing Pranahigh’s Mary Jane on my pain. I am also interested in their Kratom simulation said to similarly produce pain relief.

I would love to read the comments of any readers testing frequency simulations of marijuana.


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