Keeping the Old Cat Comfy

  Parker is an old cat now. One never knows for sure the age of a stray cat, but when I brought him home around 2004 the vet estimated him to be around 5 years old. So that would put Continue reading

Peter Chappell Sound Remedies

One of the bios about Peter Chappell describes him as an innovator and that he certainly is. That he is a homeopath immediately makes some people skeptical because homeopathy works on totally different principles than allopathic medicine. Having worked with Continue reading

Second Guessing a Limp

Kelti Sometime ago I noticed that Kelti, one of  my semi-ferals was limping on her right hind leg. I have dealt with limping before with free roaming ferals that come  to a feeding station.  I make a “shotgun” that is, Continue reading

Medicines Natural and Not

Two recent events have me thinking about medicines we use for ourselves and our animals.The first event was the news reports about a researcher who had worked for the British Columbia Ministry of Health, Dr William Warburton. His access to Continue reading

Deja Vu — Mouth Cancer Again?

As was mentioned in my ebook about frequencies (see ebook page) my frequency adventures began when one of my feral cats, Pops, was diagnosed with cancer that was eating the bone of his jaw. This video tells that story. Recently, when Continue reading

Some solutions for Not Eating & Dehydration

Not eating (inappetance) and dehydration are two conditions that warrant immediate attention because they can become serious quickly. Each of these can lead to the other. In addition, when cats are stressed or ill and stop eating for a time, Continue reading