Acupuncture by Sound for Dogs and Cats

Many people are familiar with the basic concept of meridians, drawn from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The meridians are the pathways for qi or life energy within the body. “Stuck” energy can be experienced as disease in the body and/or Continue reading

Ebook Guide to Healing Sound Frequencies

When one of my wild cats was diagnosed with cancer, I was looking online to see if I could find more to help him. I was working with an holistic veterinarian but it was challenging to medicate him because I Continue reading

Calm a Stressed Cat or Other Animal

A big part of my cat rescue work has been trapping feral (wild) cats to be spayed or neutered then released back to their colony or sometimes rehomed. There is usually a waiting period before surgery unless the veterinarian is Continue reading

Some solutions for Not Eating & Dehydration

Not eating (inappetance) and dehydration are two conditions that warrant immediate attention because they can become serious quickly. Each of these can lead to the other. In addition, when cats are stressed or ill and stop eating for a time, Continue reading