EBook: How to Make a Recreational Vehicle Your Home

Why would someone want to live in an RV?  you ask. For me, it was about having my animals and my garden and my privacy affordably. In the last few years, I’ve encountered several people seeking solutions to pet unfriendly rental accommodation. They wondered about RVs but didn’t know much about them and didn’t know the questions to ask. Those people and their pets were on my mind when I decided to write this ebook.

But there are also other reasons to live in an RV. My in-laws kept a trailer at the lake for the summer instead of a cottage. I’ve met contractors who live in RVs while working away from home for months at a time. I lived in a campground full of handy, do-it-yourself folks who liked being close to nature (they taught me how to rivet when I was repairing a camper). And for awhile I lived on a trailer pad originally built for the landlady’s brother who had been ill and needed supervision. People building, rebuilding or renovating their homes have also found RVs to be a housing solution.

Since I moved into my first RV, a travel trailer, in 1988, I’ve lived in almost every kind of RV. I learned to use power tools and proceeded to gut, renovate or customize all of them. One of the most fun ones was the utility trailer I turned into a gypsy tent.  As a long time cat rescuer, I consider my cats to be a design challenge similar to those who inspired The Cats’ House. The frame of the slider in my fifth wheel trailer was just begging to be turned into a cat walk.


Besides reinventing the home, RVs have given me the opportunity to live in places I wouldn’t have experienced otherwise. My first trailer was located on the farm of an elderly Punjabi couple. I have also lived in a campground on a First Nations reserve. Then there was the site right on the ocean where the otters had a mudslide down to the water. (My cats weren’t too sure about them). And above all, I have been able to live close to nature.

So I have distilled my experiences into this ebook, meant to give the reader a taste of the RV lifestyle. It also points out the things readers need to consider before deciding whether an RV would suit them. Here is what this ebook contains:


Who Wants to Live in an RV (Recreational Vehicle)?
How I Began RV Living
Types of Recreational Vehicles
Factors to Consider about the RV Lifestyle
Climate and Weather
New or Used?
RV systems
The Electrical System
Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning
The Shell
Daily Living in Your RV
Fire Safety
Maintenance and Renovating
Yard, Garden, Pet Runs

If you would like to delve further into the possibilities of the RV lifestyle click here.

originally published on IBOsocial 5/26/2014


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