Frequencies as Alternative Treatment for Sciatica and Lymphedema Pain, and for Negativity

After discovering sound frequency remedies for my cats, I began to use them myself and soon found sound frequencies I came to rely on. I thought I would share these with readers to show that frequencies can be an alternative treatment for sciatica and  lymphedema pain, and for negativity. I have included the frequencies I use for sciatica and lymphedema in the downloads section of this website.

First of all, I like to use a small mp3 player that comes with me or can sit in front of a cat. The experimental tones are not all that aesthetic and are sometimes really irritating. Also, I will often play frequencies while I sleep and at work. So I use a silent antenna (“emitter”) purchased from the Attractor Therapy website. I will say this antenna seems to use more battery power than earbuds or a speaker.



Arthritis in my back has caused two painful problems. Sciatica — inflammation of the sciatic nerve– down my right side is one of those problems.

A general inflammation frequency with the player in my waistband, antenna pointing down my leg, frequently eases the sciatic pain. (I just have to remember to move the player when I change or move clothes.) Occasionally it doesn’t and I may go to the frequency recordings specifically for sciatica.



Because of the pain of these conditions I tend to move around less than before. That, plus plain old aging, has resulted in lymphedema and venous insufficiency. The lymph vessels and blood vessels have no pump like the arteries, so the valves wear out and movement is required to move the fluids. Less movement means stuck fluid. Traditional solutions for this are exercise as much as one is able, compression stockings, massage and garments that pump the fluid.

I used to wake up from sleeping with horrible pain in my lower leg. The fluid reduction frequency and sometimes the circulatory stasis frequency would gradually ease that. The first part of my day would be moving the player and antenna around the leg. Then I began taking an herbal compound called VeinSense and stopped sleeping under the electric blanket. One or both of those things seems to have stopped the lower leg pain. However, sometimes when the sciatic pain is stubborn it is apparently fluid pinching the sciatic nerve because the fluid reduction frequency eases it.

Now sciatica can be caused by pinching anywhere along the nerve. And lymphedema I believe, from researching, is more commonly a result of chemotherapy. Because of different causes, I don’t know if the frequencies I find helpful would help someone else with those ailments. But I am including them in the experimental tones downloads in case other sufferers would like to try them.



The other frequencies I have come to rely on are those that make up the Shortcut Wealth Creator from Cogni-Fusion. I really wish that this had a different name, it involves so much more than just money.  Sure, I would like to be wealthy, who wouldn’t? But there are lots of frequency sets out there that purport to create abundance. I chose this one specifically because the combination of elements — frequencies, NLP, suggestion — combine to change one’s “vibe”, in my case negativity.

Listening to these mp3s, trying to pinpoint my self limiting beliefs combine to bring up my energy to a happier, more energetic place. I notice it if I miss a day, I get a visual of my energy being all dark and gnarly. It is early days with this yet, and but I know it must be constantly listened to and practiced in order to create lasting changes. I know it is working deeply because it has influenced my dreams.

I dreamed I was drawing a map of the universe on a concrete floor by a push bar door. I had to go away and when I came back, the diagram was covered with gifts and flowers and envelopes of money. I had to go away again and when I returned all the gifts were gone. I eventually concluded this was a school and the janitor had removed everything. I thought about that and decided the school represented conditioning to be what people thought I should be. I symbolically got rid of the school. Coincidentally, in my daily physical life, it was time to resign a technical course I was enrolled in. I was amazed at the freedom I felt when I did that and have to wonder if that was the school.

I have proceeded to the next mp3s  about gratitude and attraction but have returned several times to the “blast self-limiting beliefs”  mp3 as I noticed yet another attitude getting in my way. Can’t tell you much about the content of any of them because I typically fall asleep and wake at the end. I’m told this is quite common. But it obviously doesn’t stop the mp3s from working!

But like I said, it’s early days yet. (Can’t help noticing though, more online income and more jobs close to home than there used to be  — it is a goal of mine to have a job close to home.)  I just know that I want my energy to keep getting happier and more energetic and the Shortcut Wealth Creator is creating that. Pain of course can influence that, so I’m also grateful for the experimental sound frequency tones. Truly, sound frequencies are an untapped resource to help us toward wellness.

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