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Brainwave entrainment from various composers often lists sleeping better as a benefit of listening to their compositions. There are, of course, many factors that affect quantity and quality of sleep. These can include lifestyle factors such as stress, shift work, and caffeine intake. Physiological factors such as inflammation, food sensitivities and magnesium deficiency  (magnesium affects both sleep and pain) can also play a part.

MP3  Downloads to Help You Sleep

When I began working overnight as a night auditor I began experimenting with some of my brainwave entrainment mp3s to help me sleep during the day. Stress Manager was an obvious choice to relax me. Delta Meditation (referring to the delta brainwave state of deep sleep)  helped to move me into deep sleep but I would typically wake several times. 

There is an mp3 for Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia based on research showing that sufferers of this disorder had their delta wave sleep interrupted by alpha waves. The mp3 is meant to correct the interruptions. This did not stop my waking up. 

I have just begun to use a sound frequency that stimulates the brain to produce melatonin. Melatonin as an oral supplement is used to help with jet lag, sleep disturbances and shift work. Researching it more, I discovered that it also plays a role in protecting brain, cardiovascular and gastric health and preventing cancer.

But what really interested me is that melatonin is also anti-inflammatory. My chiropractor mentioned that inflammation increases during sleep which explained some of my arthritis pain on waking. So I decided that the melatonin frequency could be exactly what I need.

One more bit of research to be done: does melatonin affect cats? My cats are always around when I am listening to frequencies so I like to check on possible effects on them. I found that melatonin is used to soothe cat and dog anxiety. So I purchased and downloaded the melatonin-stimulating frequency.

Using and Sourcing the MP3 Downloads

I put the frequency on the mp3 player on low volume and went to sleep. It was a restless sleep and I did wake up a few times but went right back to sleep. When I woke, I had very little pain and was able to move about more freely than I have in a long time. I felt energized and in good spirits. That lasted perhaps seven hours then I could feel the inflammation slowly returning.

After sleeping during the mp3 a second time, I again had the feeling of being rested and having energy. The anti-inflammatory effect seems more variable.

The frequencies named in this post, are actually available from two sources though created by the same developer. If purchased from Meditation-Power , (under the health and hygiene tab) the frequencies are embedded in water sounds. If purchased from Isochiral Music, the frequencies are within the music. Personally, I have difficulty falling asleep to some music so I chose the water sounds. Alternatively, the user could listen to their chosen frequency just before sleeping or use one of the accessories for silent delivery. 




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4 thoughts on “How to Sleep Better with Brainwave Entrainment

  1. Melatonin is also an anti-inflammatory? What?! I will have to try the MP3 playing theory but first I have to get one. Do you think I could use Sirius or iHeart Radio? I have a lot of pains (neck, back, and legs). I also work overnights and sleeping during the day is not easy! I only get 4-5 hours and I don’t think I am rested…it has been that way for too many years now! I am lucky to even wake up…lol! Thanks for the great information and I will read more of your Blogs! Great website!

    • I’m not familiar with Sirius or iHeart but if you can download an mp3 file, transfer it to one of them and then listen to it, that is what you would be doing with the brainwave entrainment files. As far as melatonin, it definitely helps for sleep but I have found the anti-inflammatory effect to be variable. Sometimes it stops the pain and sometimes it doesn’t. Have had the same result with another anti-inflammatory frequency of the Rife type. I suspect there are other influencing variables such as magnesium level which affects both sleep and pain. Supplementing topically and orally with magnesium has helped. An alternate frequency I use stimulates the production of serotonin which is also involved in both sleep and pain. I’m seeing some research that says it provokes pain but for me via frequency, it eases it. And it almost always makes me sleepy. The serotonin frequency comes from the same 2 sources as the melatonin frequency. I think you’ll find that just being able to get more and deeper sleep helps with the pain. Glad you like the website!

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