Learning How to Build an Affiliate Website

Want to build your own website for affiliate marketing but don’t know all the details involved? That’s where I was at, wanting to promote my ebooks and the sound frequencies that were the subject of one of those ebooks. I’d made the acquaintance of wordpress, but only strictly regulated as a replicated site. Little chance for originality there. And all the stories about how hard Google has made SEO. Where would I start? I had been told I should have my own website in my own name but no instruction came with that.

Then I happened across a site called Wealthy Affiliate. Well, there was a positive thought for where I wanted to be! I checked it out. That was back in August. It’s almost Halloween now and I have a growing and interesting (according to various comments) site. I should mention that I work full time night shifts and care for rescue animals which is like another part time job. How did I do the website plus all that?

Wealthy Affiliate (WA for short) doesn’t have calls, or webinars that I have to (literally) lose sleep to attend. There are webinars but they are always available later on replay. It’s like independent study at your own pace. There are lessons that make up courses (5 courses)  and tasks to do that go with them.

Of course that’s not all. There is an active international community of others working on their own niche websites. You have your own network of them just like IBOtoolbox has associates. The site is structured so that you can just throw out a question and whoever is online is likely to answer. Many of them have been there for awhile and have made their money so they know all kinds of tricks. But WA is distinctly different than IBOtoolbox in one way: there is no promoting on the website. There are places to request feedback but the site is about learning not promoting. To my mind, that makes the two a great combination.

There are two levels of membership in WA. The starter membership is free so you can check it all out but you don’t get all the goodies. You get those at premium membership which is $47 USD per month. Pay yearly and the cost per month goes down. There is a blog for each member and many times you will see posts celebrating the first sale or the first adsense payment even while they are still doing lessons. Premium members get to have an unlimited number of websites on their own domains hosted on WA. Free members get two websites on a WA subdomain.

Lessons cover lots of stuff from SEO to how to structure your writing to demystifying wordpress. Did I mention premium members have a choice of over 2400 wordpress themes? Not to mention unlimited sites and hosting, email accounts, monitoring and security and 24/7 website support!

One very big niche is the how to make money niche and there are courses specific to that niche. Keywords of course, are very important and there is a keyword tool, Jaaxy, available to non-members too. Shows you what your competition is and you get 30 searches for free.

After a year with WA I wanted to sell audio frequency downloads from my site. Given the size of the frequency sets, they had to be stored at the Dropbox website as they were too large for wordpress. That was not compatible with WA’s server security so at that point I left WA and moved my site to local hosting.

Looking back, I learned a lot at WA but found some things inaccurate. It was said that ANY niche can make money. I don’t believe that anymore and some of the marketers I’ve studied with since then emphatically say that is not true.

I went on to use Google’s keyword tool and found the results to be quite different from Jaaxy’s results so I eventually changed the title of my blog.  

But WA was overall a good experience and something I mention on my resume. I remain in touch with many of the other WA students. .

originally published on IBOsocial 10/26/2014


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