Making a Friend of Your Subconscious Mind

If you have ever worked on healing from a traumatic event in your life, or observed someone who has, you may have noticed that the healing went in a spiral motion. The same issue may come up several times, each time with deeper insight into its influence on the person’s life.

All the events in a life are held in a person’s subconscious and are not necessarily accessible to their conscious mind. Sometimes this is a defense mechanism against hurtful memories. Sometimes things are just forgotten. And sometimes, if the memories are from childhood, they may be inaccessible because the child couldn’t make sense of them.

For example, a child growing up in a household with a dominant mindset of scarcity, needs to socialize and compare that to a mindset of abundance in order to see the difference. When that child is an adult he/she may adopt conscious values of abundance. But those old scarcity experiences, leftover in the subconscious still exert an influence.

Traditionally, hypnosis was the way to resurrect memories from the subconscious. In a relaxed mind state, where the conscious mind’s criticism was quieted, the content of the subconscious memories could be brought into the conscious mind. This was like reliving the memories.

Then neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) came along. Created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the 1970’s, NLP analyzed how hypnosis worked and dealt with how the subconscious material was processed, not the content.

Years ago I read one of Bandler and Grinder’s books, I think it was Trance-formations. An anecdote from that book has stuck with me all that time. Here’s what I remember. A therapist brought a client to see Bandler and Grinder. The client was a woman who had some problem with her feet and the therapist was getting no results. Bandler or Grinder, I don’t remember which, started talking to the woman’s feet. The feet tapped out yes or no answers while the woman looked on astonished because none of this was in her conscious mind.

You’ve no doubt been wondering when I would get to my point. The woman’s feet illustrate my point. Part of you can have an issue and your conscious mind has no clue. That issue might hold you back in relationships, finances, business or many other things. If your conscious mind has no clue, how do you fix the issue?

Maria McMahon, founder of Cogni-Fusion, has an interesting solution. I became interested in Cogni-Fusion because it includes brainwave entrainment frequencies of the types I use and promote. But Maria also includes NLP, music, nature sounds and subliminal suggestion (a hypnotic technique), in the mix.

Subliminal suggestion, an hypnotic technique, is quite capable of communicating with your subconscious mind. The world of advertising proves this frequently.

It has been said that you can’t just eradicate thoughts and beliefs — like the ones that hold you back — or you leave a vacuum that will fill up with the same or other stuff. The thoughts and beliefs need to be replaced with something better. Maria uses Cogni-Fusion to replace that old stuff in your subconscious with principles of the Law of Attraction, The Law of Gratitude and the Law of Abundance using her Shortcut Wealth Creator.

Maria tells you all about how to transform your subconscious and your life here.
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