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Two recent events have me thinking about medicines we use for ourselves and our animals.The first event was the news reports about a researcher who had worked for the British Columbia Ministry of Health, Dr William Warburton. His access to data was revoked last year during a scandal where the Ministry says data was inappropriately shared. Mr Warburton and others have filed legal suits against the Ministry. His suit specifically alleges that drug safety research was halted because the makers of the pharmaceuticals being researched are big contributors to the BC Liberal party currently in power. The Province was eliminating drug safety programs that could restrict the sales of those big contributors. One such eliminated drug analysis program was the Therapeutic Initiatives at the University of British Columbia.

The constituent-exploiting money grubbing of the BC Liberal government is enraging but not surprising. And I won’t go into the rest of that rant here. But in this town no doctors are accepting new patients. A new walk in clinic receptionist has told me walk in clinics are the way of the future. Last year around this time, one of those walk in clinic doctors made me ill on excessive doses of over the counter medicine aimed at my arthritis. The mandatory health payments fund only medical doctors not the naturopaths, Chinese Medicine practitioners and acupuncturists who in my experience are more competent.

As far as I am concerned, knowing different medicines to take care of my own health and that of my animals is a survival issue (vet bills are one of the main expenses of rescuers). And the second event referred to above involved my cat Ember.

Ember was a feral kitten when I trapped him 11 years ago. He grew into a tame, affectionate (with me) black lightning ninja who was something of a bully with cats new to the household. Last year he had a couple bouts with a respiratory infection which responded to the herpes audio frequency. Herpes is a common source of feline respiratory infections and, as with people, the virus remains in the body and there are occasional “flare ups”.

Then recently, he had a respiratory infection that didn’t respond to the feline respiratory frequencies I have (which have cleared up other respiratory infections). Two vets prescribed two different antibiotics, neither of which helped. They said they had no medicine for viruses but the antibiotics would clear up any bacterial infection allowing Ember’s immune system to work on the virus or possibly a fungus. Sounded like a money grab to me. I did some research then went out and bought some olive leaf extract. This is said to be anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal. It also contains some anti-cancer components. It went into the food I was syringe feeding Ember. It went into the canned food for the other cats and they seemed to like it. I took it too. The vets may have nothing for viruses but herbal medicine does.

I asked my homeopathy mentor for help. Her kinesiology testing indicated  two remedies. One was a cancer remedy, baryta iodata,  the other a liver drainage remedy, chelidonium. The latter seemed to have an effect. A lump developed and drained under Ember’s eye and in Chinese traditional medicine the eyes are on the liver meridian. My mentor suggested playing my audio frequency carcinosinum, a remedy for cancer. Ember listened to it and did not turn away. As I mentioned in my ebook about audio frequencies, the animals know what helps them and they will keep listening to it until they’ve had enough.

But Ember was struggling with congestion and increasing mucous. The vets could only suggest steam. Amazingly to me, they had nothing to help congestion. I tried the herb eyebright in its herbal form and in its homeopathic form (euphrasia). I knew from previous experience as well as from a book on Chinese medicine, that eyebright works on the respiratory system as well as the eyes. Both forms of it helped somewhat but the effect was temporary.  Licorice root tincture helped a little more, but again the effect was temporary. Still, herbal and homeopathics again had something to help just a little, where veterinary medicine didn’t.

I felt this had gone on too long, so I agreed to the vet’s suggestion for exploratory surgery. The vet had noted some bad teeth and kept thinking there was a dental issue.The exploratory surgery would remove bad teeth if needed. But first, because he was considered geriatric, Ember’s blood needed to be checked to see if his liver and kidney could break down the anesthetic chemical. It checked out and I took him to surgery.

The vet found the cancer that the homeopathic remedies had hinted at. It was in Ember’s soft palate and in the words of the vet, had turned it into a hard palate. This was going up into his nose and causing all the mucous. It was only going to get worse and couldn’t be removed.

I know from my mentor that the homeopathic remedy arsenicum album is used in both humans and animals to ease the fear of death for that transition. But I took my mp3 player with a brainwave entrainment frequency  called control stress (Meditation-power sells a couple stress frequencies but this is the one that is described as spontaneously relaxing mind and body). Ember bolted out of the vet tech’s arms and into mine but he was freaking. A couple minutes of the playing the stress control frequency and he was totally relaxed in my arms. It affected me too: I was calm which helped Ember be calm. Even the vet caught on and asked if the frequency was for calming. And that is how Ember passed on, calmly and peacefully.

My mentor reminded me that homeopathic ignatia and pulsatilla help with grief. But myself, I prefer my audio frequency that leads me into the theta brainwave state.

The theta brainwave state is known as being a state of healing and sometimes paranormal experiences. I found some time ago, by accident, that when I am in that state I feel connected to all my animals, embodied or otherwise. Several years ago, after overworking at 2 jobs, a Chinese medicine practitioner diagnosed me as having “kidney yin deficiency”. That condition is supposed to be remedied by meditation, writing and similar restful activities. For the record, I personally felt that the theta brainwave state helps correct that kidney yin deficiency.

Everybody involved tried their best to help Ember. But relying on Big Pharma limited the vets. Although I couldn’t prolong his life, I am grateful for all the medicines from Nature that eased his discomfort and his passing. Too bad the government won’t smarten up about that.


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