Motto: A Catlady’s Work is Never Done

When I opened my home to rescue cats in the early 80’s I really had no idea what I was getting into. To me it was a matter of “Hey homeless one, I have room, come stay with me!” Then came the logistics of keeping multiple animals, the expenses and the trapping. I learned a lot about cat culture, developed systems to streamline the chores, chose foods and natural medicine to minimize the vet bills.
But you know, today I still say the motto I started saying in the beginning: “A Catlady’s Work is Never Done”.  I have a second generation of cats living with me. They are not physically related to the first generation, those guys were all spayed and neutered. But as the first generation slowly died off of old age, the second generation came in.  Some of these are now seniors and the dying off has begun again.
This time, I have no strays or ferals in my environment that need rescuing. So why am I still repeating my motto? The abandonment of cats, is just one tiny part of the human attitude to animals in general. And the attitude to animals, is just one tiny part of a human attitude toward Nature and Life in general.
My page on Facebook documents these attitudes (while including natural health and environmental  information, and some humor and uplifting stories). They are widespread and embedded in many different human cultures. They are the cornerstone of some industries that are trying to legally protect their cruelty practices and environmentally destructive practices.  
To my mind, a Catlady’s work (as well as a Catman’s work) to end the cruelty to and abandonment of cats, includes countering the attitudes that lead to cruelty and abandonment. There are many ways to contribute to this effort which primarily involves information sharing and education.  Sharing on social media, starting and signing petitions are ways to help even if your apartment won’t allow animals, and your disability keeps you from trapping. You can contribute to nature and pet education for children, and to the organizations that investigate and prosecute animal cruelty and environmental destruction. Contributions can be in the form of time, money or even wish list items.
Lately, I have noticed in the news, more and more items about helpless humans becoming subject to cruelty, humiliation and even death from other humans who seem to find this a form  
of “fun”. And it reminds me of the profile of so-called psychopaths who escalate from animal cruelty to human cruelty and murder. If that profile is correct, judging from all the animal abuse reported, there is a lot of malice heading toward humans.


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Involved in cat rescue since the mid 70's. "A catlady's work is never done" to remedy the attitudes that cause cruelty, abandonment and neglect of animals. I believe those attitudes are a symptom of humankind's disconnection from nature.

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