Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind for Abundance

Your subconscious mind can sabotage your life with negativity — but — you can reprogram your subconscious mind to attract abundance. According to Maria McMahon, (founder of Atuneu mp3’s — soon to be, your subconscious has no clock. She says this is why it recycles negativity constantly — it doesn’t know the negative events are over and done. As a therapist, she has worked with reprogramming that subconscious mind and knows from personal experience that just willpower doesn’t do it.

Hypnosis is one way to program the subconscious. That is not about giving up control but about relaxing so that the conscious mind is not in place to contradict and criticize. Did you know that imagining three different types of sensory experiences one after the other — for example seeing something, hearing something, tasting something — can put you in a mild self-hypnotic state?

Relaxing and putting the subconscious mind in a receptive state can also be aided by brainwave entrainment. This is done by using sound or light to lead the brain into rhythms that correspond to different moods and body chemistry. More about that here. Maria uses brainwave entrainment along with suggestion and subliminal (beneath conscious perception) suggestion.

But what really intrigues me is that Maria adds Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to this mix of techniques. NLP is about how we process the events of our lives not about the content of those events. This video points up the differences between hypnosis and NLP and shows how they complement each other.

Nature and music complete the elements that Maria blends into what she calls Cogni-Fusion. Experimenting on herself, then helping friends and family, Maria perfected Cogni-Fusion as a means of producing rapid and lasting change in oneself.  Her latest addition to the Cogni-Fusion mp3’s is the Shortcut Wealth Creator to help everyone develop an abundance mindset.

The Shortcut Wealth Creator includes an ebook with explanation of and instructions for using the five core mp3’s. These core recordings deal with self-limiting beliefs, attraction, abundance, gratitude and committing to wealth creation.

In addition, short form and bonus mp3s and several motivational and instructional ebooks are also included. Just listening is all you have to do. Maria used her knowledge to pull herself out of a scarcity situation and back into abundance. She is so confident that her Shortcut Wealth Creator can do that for you  that she offers a 60 day money back guarantee.

There are many forms of riches. If you want to include more of them in your life, and stop sabotaging yourself with subconscious negativity, you should check out the Shortcut Wealth Creator.




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