Stay Safe and SOUND on Halloween


Halloween can be fun, scary, chaotic, out-of-control and terrifying. But with some help from healing sound frequencies, you and yours can stay safe and SOUND this Halloween and it can be a fun and enjoyable time.

The prime candidates for terror at this time of year, besides very young children, are pets and other animals. Hearing fireworks, firecrackers and other loud noises can send them skittering out the door when you’re not watching. Many pets become lost as a result and some never make it back home. This article describes mp3 recordings that will slow their brain waves and relax them. It works on people too. If you find yourself dealing with an animal or person who is seriously terrified, these sound remedies can be downloaded immediately after payment and played right there on your computer. 

The stress remedy may help relax children who are hyperactive  due to an overload of sugar from trick or treat candy. When the sugar low hits and they become cranky, the endorphin release audio could help to make them feel better.

If you are attending or staging a haunted house or something similar it may be useful for you to know that infrasonic sound — that is sound below the level of human hearing — can be used to create feelings of fear and/or a sense of the supernatural. 

Wishing Everyone a Safe & Happy Halloween!

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Involved in cat rescue since the mid 70's. "A catlady's work is never done" to remedy the attitudes that cause cruelty, abandonment and neglect of animals. I believe those attitudes are a symptom of humankind's disconnection from nature.

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