The Merciful Miracle of Magnesium

It was the naturopath who put me on the trail of magnesium. She mentioned epsom salt gel as a remedy for when my back seizes up. The key ingredient was magnesium sulfate.  The clerk at the health food store showed me magnesium lotion. That contained magnesium chloride and my research showed that it is absorbed better than the magnesium sulfate.

In fact, magnesium is wonderfully absorbed through the skin. And, due to the Western diet and the depleted soil in which food is grown, almost everybody is thought to have a magnesium deficiency. Magnesium is a factor in fighting inflammation, relieving pain, producing energy and sleeping soundly. If you are deficient in magnesium, all of those things will be harder for you.

So, as you can imagine, magnesium is majorly important for the athlete. This is why Ben Greenfield the fitness expert wrote an article entitled “Why I Slather My Body With Magnesium Oil After Every Hard Workout”.

Greenfield recommends the book by Dr Mark Sircus entitled Transdermal Magnesium Therapy.  Greenfield then goes on to explain in detail the effects of magnesium deficiency on the athlete. He recommends supplementing both orally and transdermally.

Now with the osteoarthritis in my back I am very far from an athlete. In fact, the arthritis pain has limited my movement to the point where edema from inactivity is an issue. For me, the magnesium oil (also available as gel) helps with the seizing and pain of the arthritis as well as the inflammation of the edema. I sleep better now too. Heeding Greenfield’s advice, I take an oral magnesium supplement as well as using the oil. Life has gotten easier, hence the title of this article.


Magnesium is natural and can’t be patented so Big Pharma would prefer you not know about it. You can buy it here.


originally published on IBOsocial 12/15/2014

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  1. magnesium oil is very helpful for our health and Skin, Today i Found your article which is about magnesium oil related, I am Happy to find it and read the whole word and know about it. Thanks for sharing Im a new comer to magnesium oil, just received my first spray bottle today! I get migraine very badly and very frequent and had heard it helps if not cures it. Time will tell.

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