They’ll Remember How You Made Them Feel

The title of this article is from a quote attributed to the American writer, Maya Angelou. The full quote is: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”. That quote is what came to mind after I experimented with Energy Apps from Subtle Energy Sciences (SES).

A bit of background here. This year, to minimize my mobility issues, I started working at home soliciting used goods by phone for a charity. I am not naturally a person who loves talking on the phone, though I’ve had prior work doing so. While some people are enthused about having their items picked up and diverted from the landfill, others just lump us in the category of pesky phone solicitors. I don’t like shouting outbursts of negativity from the latter. I also don’t like being chained to the computer by my headset (I use Voice Over Internet Protocol, not my landline). So I went looking for something to make work better.

That’s when I found Energy Apps (also called Mandalas) from Subtle Energy Sciences. These are pictures that emit specific energies when activated on electronic devices such as computers, phones, tablets. Perfect for what I wanted!!! Plus, these apps also neutralise the electromagnetic frequencies from electronic devices.

Now these Energy Apps probably sound weird to many people. But since 2009 I have been using audio frequency products after discovering they could help my feral cat with cancer. I was familiar with audio frequencies from developer Eric Thompson, founder of Subtle Energy Sciences. So I purchased his Immune Boost Mandala with Shungite energy. I wasn’t familiar with shungite so I checked with a friend who sells crystals. The friend said he liked shungite for “filtering negative energy”. (It’s also apparently used in Russia to purify water.) Perfect for when the phone was answered by crabby, hard-of-hearing, apparently elderly men on their own!!

That did seem to reduce the outbursts. But I also wanted something to make me feel good. So I purchased the Feel Good Now mandala. And that’s exactly how it made me feel. So subjectively, the results of the mandalas were that I felt better and received much less negativity while working the phone.

But it gets better. I was surprised to receive bonus earnings over $100 for “exceeding donation standards” for October. I had received bonus for July and August but thoset had been under $50. Then it happened again! Over $100 for the month of November! I looked up the download dates for my two mandalas. I downloaded Immune Boost September 19 and Feel Good Now on October 2. This, to me, is objective evidence that the mandalas favourably influenced the people I was calling! The purifying and feel-good energies made people remember how my phone call made them feel!

This was amazing! Energy on my computer could be directed to people! I looked around to see if anyone else had had this experience. I found a comment in the SES archives from a woman who had used a mandala for Bliss on her phone:…”my phone conversations are positive, inspiring, uplifting & blissful! This is even occurring with people I talk with on my phone who normally like to complain…”

Clearly, SES Mandalas will help people remember you and react favourably to you. Obviously, this has excellent implications for phone marketers. But what about raising the vibe with family, friends, depressed, grieving or in-crisis persons? The endless possibilities go beyond marketing to include relationship improvement, mood enhancement and just plain old compassion.

This time of year, approaching Christmas and the New Year, there is much that is happy-making in the sights, sounds and tastes. But this time of year is also known for stressing people out (often with family members) and causing loneliness for those without family and friends. Energy Apps could ease all that.  And of course Energy Apps can be downloaded for last minute gifts.

All SES products come with a 90-day, no-hassle, money-back guarantee. Check here, to see if there is one to help you bring Joy to your World!


originally published on IBOsocial December 2017.




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