Tools for Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind

You Have Two Minds

A number of frequency developers have produced sound frequency recordings intended to help you have more money, have more love and basically have whatever you desire. These are considered to be different types of “manifestation”or “cosmic ordering“.

There are a also a number of developers promoting frequency products that include additional tools and these combination products are said to get you all of that manifesting in one package. Their methods and styles are somewhat different but all of them describe one aim: to align your subconscious mind with the goals and desires of your  conscious mind. Bob Proctor, well known in the self-help field and a contributor to the movie The Secret, speaks here about your subconscious mind:

Each developer brings their own methodology to this task of aligning your two minds though often they use similar tools. Here is a comparison of some of them.

John Assaraf  

This man is a best selling author and his product brand is Neurogym. His emphasis is on the ability of the brain to form new neural pathways (neuroplasticity) through mental exercises (Innercise) and creating new habits. His products include visualization, hypnotherapy, subliminal suggestion and brainwave entrainment.

Paul Hoffman

Paul Hoffman is a musician and audio engineer who has worked with many well known musicians, His brands are Sculptations, Day Sculpting, Success Songs and Good Morning Great Day which are said to sculpt the mind by resetting, rewiring and recoding using brainwave entrainment and music. He calls his method Multivariate Resonance Technology (MRT) and includes breathing and heartbeat sounds said to activate specific areas of the mind. Paul partnered with Vishen Lakhiani of Mindvalley Academy to produce the OM Harmonics binaural beats meditation series.

Natalie Ledwell

Mind Movies are the product of Natalie Ledwell. These are short videos that combine images, affirmations and music to speak to your subconscious mind. In a video discussion with Bob Proctor, it was stated that the addition of music provides the emotional component of Napoleon Hill’s formula for mind programming. The viewer provides the repetition by viewing the selected Mind Movie(s) regularly.

Maria McMahon

Maria is a certified coach, hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, Law of Attraction coach and reiki practitioner. She has worked in both therapy and corporate HR environments. Her Atuneu brand is currently being rebirthed as Cogni-Fusion with her breakthrough audio system Shortcut Wealth Creator meant to create success in all areas. This system includes brainwave entrainment, music, nature sounds, subliminal suggestion, visualization and hypnotherapy. Using these tools, Maria focuses on reprogramming the subconscious mind with the Laws of Gratitude, Attraction and Abundance. The listener is led through visualization to remove their particular self limiting beliefs and is expected to figure out what those are.

My Thoughts

I have sampled offerings from all of these developers and am impressed with the dedication and attention to detail from all of them. The sampling exposed me to much information I didn’t know but also showed me what I feel best suits my own personal life journey.

John Assaraf in particular shared many interesting tidbits about brain function. His approach to change is very goal oriented and analytical. As a person who can create tunnel vision around goals and forget to smell the roses, I back off somewhat from his approach.

Paul Hoffman’s interactive quiz page lets you choose an area you want to work on then determines which of the top 3 limiting beliefs you likely labor under. This was illuminating for me because I have been thinking of such beliefs as instilled by parents or teachers. The quiz showed me that my child self likely formed her own belief in order to distance herself from family conflict. And the OM Harmonics demo I listened to was very beautiful and revitalizing.

I watched several videos about the making of Mind Movies, as well as some of the Mind Movies themselves. One of the former showed Natalie Ledwell and Bob Proctor discussing Napoleon Hill’s formula for change. Specifically they were saying that the addition of music to the Mind Movies added the emotional component to the repetition of the theme in images. The music was upbeat but I didn’t feel much other emotion. And I found it hard to get into the affirmations until I got past one particular limiting belief. I didn’t find removing those beliefs to be addressed by Mind Movies.

Replacing those self limiting beliefs was the main reason I purchased Shortcut Wealth Creator from Maria McMahon. Her method addresses those beliefs in a much more personal way than the other programs. While the other programs mention possible or statistically common self-limiting beliefs, Maria’s system requires the user to actually uncover their own beliefs. This isn’t just at the beginning of the program, this is ongoing. Maria encourages the user to return to the Blast Self Limiting Beliefs mp3 whenever a new self limiting belief is uncovered.

In fact, Maria has created two other systems, Releasing Your Past, and Self-Talk Sense for those of us who want/need to go into depth on this aspect.

In Conclusion

You are malleable and so are your brain and your mind. Sound frequencies combined with additional tools can help you to recreate yourself and your life.


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3 thoughts on “Tools for Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind

  1. Hi Mori

    that’s a great blog and I am of course very familiar with everyone you mention, and I know from personal experience that you have to keep trying different approaches and growing constantly. There are so many great ‘gurus’ out there who have incredible life-changing help, advice, and tools that are really effective in helping people to move out of their ‘negative zone’ and I advise people to try as many different concepts as possible to help them uncover the ‘angst’ and be able to move forward and away from it, into a life that is truly fulfilling! I’m very grateful that one of my Cogni-Fusion Programs made its way to you and that you have had such interesting and transformation experiences with Cogni-Fusion. Thank you SO much for including me in your review here. I am so grateful to you. 🙂

    Maria McMahon

    • Thanks for reading and commenting Maria! I agree that it’s great that people have many different tools and styles to choose from — sometimes it’s just the right “packaging” that hits home and causes a Eureka moment! As mentioned I think your great strength is addressing one’s beliefs from childhood. I have from time to time tried to work on some of that with face-to-face therapists or programs. But I find your product to be quicker and more thorough than those experiences.

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