Deja Vu — Mouth Cancer Again?

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As was mentioned in my ebook about frequencies  my frequency adventures began when one of my feral cats, Pops, was diagnosed with cancer that was eating the bone of his jaw. This video tells that story.

Recently, when my newest feral stopped eating I went through the complicated maneuvering required to get her to the vet. She also has been diagnosed with a hole in her jawbone and had some teeth removed. The vet is unsure at this point whether the dissolution of the jawbone is due to a bone infection or to the same type of cancer that Pops had. He says the two problems look quite similar. He gave her an injected dose of antibiotics expected to have effect for 2 weeks. Miss Tattle is a somewhat fierce feral cat so the usual post-dental check  performed by the techs (unsedated) is out of the question.

Having been involved in frequencies and homeopathy since Pops’ diagnosis I feel better prepared to deal with this and thought I would share some of the remedies I am working with.

Homeopathic Hekla Lava (sometimes spelled Hecla) is appropriate for both bone infection and bone cancer.  Miss Tattle-no-Tail gets a cocktail of this in 200ch strength combined with low potency homeopathic symphytum and eupatorium for pain relief. This cocktail is prepared by dissolving one each of the above pellets in about 50 ml of spring water in a dropper bottle kept in a dark place. I added a few drops of Pacific Essences Healing and Health Support. If I had some brandy or vodka, I would add a couple drops as preservative but I think the Pacific Essence has some of that. The liquid is dripped over the raw liver served to  interested cats in the evening. The vet said Miss Tattle was anemic when he saw her so I expect the liver is helping with that too.

Miss Tattle gets her cocktail daily which is aggressive support given the potency of the hekla lava. She has continued to eat since returning from the vet. If that changes, I might go to a higher potency of hekla lava.

There have been some internet articles about the use of the homeopathic cadmium remedies for cancer. I was struck by this because another rescuer commented that it was her experience that many feral cats running around a nearby parking lot had this type of jaw cancer. One of the principles of homeopathy is that an infinitesmal bit of what makes you ill will cure you. Cadmium is one of the heavy metals found in car exhaust and presumably left as a residue in parking lots. Therefore once or twice a week, Miss Tattle gets a 200ch pellet of Cadmium Metallicum with her food.

The FREX frequency generator database has many frequencies for different types of cancer. But the frequency set I recorded and play for Miss Tattle is the second dental/jawbone infection frequency set (the first is for use with equipment I don’t have). I try to play this for her at least twice a week.

As noted above, Miss Tattle continues to eat, sometimes voraciously. At the same time she is gradually being invited to leave her “feral palace” more and more often to join the rest of the cats (feral and tame) who have the run of the house. Her curiosity is as healthy as her appetite, no lethargy there.

Pops did not go to the vet until I observed a lump under his eye. It took two dental visits and an exploratory surgery before he was diagnosed. I am hopeful that we have caught Miss Tattle’s condition much earlier (although she is long haired and that hides a lot).

I am certainly grateful for all these possible remedies that I knew nothing about when Pops became ill three plus years ago.

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