Reconsider Your Fireplace Tool Set

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During the last few years during a Trap/Neuter/Release project, I had a number of temporarily caged feral cat visitors in my home waiting for and recovering from spay/neuter surgeries. During this time, I realized how helpful a fireplace tool set is.
It started with the meal dishes: how to get them in and out of the cage when the cat wants to shred me out of fear or anger. Fireplace tongs were the answer. They can grab and lift and the handle and my hands are a long way away from the cat.
The tongs were too valuable to take away from home. But I needed something to snag the plastic food containers at the feeding stations when the raccoons dragged them into the (thorny) bushes. So the poker became part of the equipment in my car. Between the pointed end and the hook, the containers could be poked and dragged until I could reach them. The brush and shovel are fairly self explanatory. They can clean up that litter or other mess right in front of the cat without my being slashed.
If someone were inventing this tool set for feral cat caregivers, you can bet thereā€™d be a pretty price on it! But you can probably pick up a fireplace set at a garage sale or second hand store.
Happy wholeness!

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