Second Guessing a Limp

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Sometime ago I noticed that Kelti, one of  my semi-ferals was limping on her right hind leg. I have dealt with limping before with free roaming ferals that come  to a feeding station.  I make a “shotgun” that is, combination homeopathic remedy that covers the different possible causes for limping. With Kelti, I was prepared to take her to the vet if the remedy didn’t work but that would be a last resort because it would threaten  the trust we now have. So I prepared the combination remedy.

Possible causes included a bite from another cat, a splinter wound, a pulled muscle, a fractured bone. For free roaming ferals I usually consider insect bites and stings. While there are a few hardy insects around right now, they aren’t the biting/stinging kind and the cat run is mostly screened anyway.  In a small dropper bottle of distilled water, I put a pellet of homeopathic gunpowder 30ch to heal wounds and prevent infection, a pellet of homeopathic arnica 200ch for healing muscles and tendons and for pain relief, and a pellet of homeopathic symphytum for both bone healing and pain relief.

Kelti likes to taste food in different dishes so I didn’t want to put it in food. In addition, odors can antidote homeopathic remedies and both the canned and raw food I feed contains fish. But  it isn’t necessary for the animal to ingest the homeopathics. If you can get close enough you can drip it along their back. Spraying works for some animals but I have found my cats seem threatened by that.

Kelti of course knew I was coming for her when I had the bottle in hand so we had a few short chases. Often she’d lick off the liquid that I dripped on her. But there was another possible cause of her limp that I wasn’t treating for with the homeopathics..


This past summer I lost two of my older cats. I wrote about Ember in a previous post. I also lost Gunther to a combination of diabetes and kidney insufficiency. Gunther had begun limping and shortly was moving on his hocks. This is the peripheral neuropathy caused by diabetes. Gunther was tame but trying to monitor blood sugar and give insulin was difficult. With a feral it would be close to impossible. The holistic vet had been adamant that kibbles not be served — she said it would kill Gunther. So I weaned the whole gang off of them with prevention in mind. But the experience had taught me that diabetes could cause hind leg limping. So I was aware that Kelti could have developed diabetes.

Happily, the limping has stopped now and Kelti runs around sure-footed again. Whatever the cause, the kibbleless diet and/or “shotgun” remedy seem to have healed it. So this time around, Kelti doesn’t have to go through the trauma of visiting the vet.

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