Visiting the Animals’ Rainbow Bridge

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The Rainbow Bridge

Recently I have seen several posts on social media wishing for “visiting hours on the rainbow bridge”. The rainbow bridge is of course, a name for the place where dying pets are said to go.

The thought is of renewing connection with these pets. Such posts wishing for visiting time are phrased as if it can’t happen. But it can. You just need to be in the right brainwave state. Last night, listening to a variety of frequencies on an mp3 on a totally different topic, I was reminded that yes, you can feel that connection again, just as if it was visiting time on the rainbow bridge.

Last night, listening to this unrelated mp3, I suddenly I felt connections with a whole crowd of animals I had known. Some were pets, some were wild. There was even the stag who jumped in front of my car and I tried so hard, working with Bach rescue remedy, to ease his pain and fear even after the police arrived. But I have known this mind space before.

Theta Brainwaves

If you have read the brainwave entrainment part of this website, you will know that our brains create different measurable brainwaves. Different chemistry and experiences accompany each of these states. Our main waking state is the beta brainwave state. Deep sleep is the delta brainwave state.  You can feel connections with loved ones not physically present in  both theta and delta states but as delta is the state of deep sleep, it takes practice to stay awake in this state. 

You probably experience the theta brainwave state every day — it is that borderline state between sleep and waking where you are somewhat conscious of the world around you but also entering the fluid space of dreams. The theta brainwave state is known for memory, manifestation, meditation and healing. Vianna Stibal, in fact, has created a whole set of practices which she calls theta healing. She named it that because she teaches healing methods which require the healer to be in the theta brainwave state.

Like the other brainwave states, the theta state can be induced by certain sound frequencies. The frequencies — think of them as rhythms — are repeated until the brainwaves themselves are following the same rhythm.

This ability of the brain to adapt to an outside stimulus is called frequency following response. The practice of deliberately getting the brain to do this is called brainwave entrainment. And it works for animals too. It has been said that the normal brainwave states for animals are alpha and/or theta.

That’s a lot of concepts and words just to tell you that if you want to be in a theta brainwave state, all you have to do is listen to a theta brainwave entrainment mp3 such as this one from the Brainwave Entrainment Store.

Now you may think that the theta state might help your friend as s/he is passing over to the rainbow bridge but in my experience that is not the case. Exploratory surgery revealed that my cat Ember, raised from a feral kitten to an 11 year old cuddlebug, had a tumor on his soft palate. It was inoperable and the vet said that it required him to breathe through his mouth which is stressful for a cat.

We went to the euthanasia appointment prepared. I was playing the theta entrainment but Ember was in a panic being in the clinic and having to breathe differently. I also tend to believe there is often a struggle between the will to live and the process of dying. In any case,the theta entrainment wasn’t helping.

So I switched to the stress control entrainment that I wrote about in a previous post. Ember calmed right down, settled against me, put his head on my arm and the vet injected him. When the vet lifted Ember’s head, he was already gone. His death was sad but in the theta state I feel him again —  like last night.

“Is it real, this theta state?” some will ask. The nature of reality has been debated for centuries and I’m not about to get into that. But let me put it this way. Is your waking state real? That is a brainwave state and the higher frequencies of that state are known to induce anxiety and stress. Is your deep sleep real? You should know, because you know how you feel if you haven’t been there for a while.

So the next question is, will you question the reality of a brainwave state such as theta because of your belief system and filters? If you are in beta brainwave state (intellectual) and still bothered by the reality of theta brainwaves, you might try reading about space/time and/or quantum theory.

Notes for Those with a Dying Animal Friend

Frequencies are how the cells of the body communicate. If you could take the frequency of your favorite painkiller and introduce it to your cells, you would start the same effect as if you had used the painkiller. Although this website deals with sound frequencies, botanical medicine and essences are also carriers of frequencies and both are considered part of vibrational medicine.

The most well known essences are the Bach flower essences, particularly rescue remedy which is often found in veterinary clinics. However, essences are made all over the world from the flora and fauna of different regions.

Sharon Callahan is the maker of Anaflora essences specifically for animals so it is not surprising that she discusses how to shape the vibration of the animal’s space for passing on. She believes that animals have an unconscious and collective unconscious mind just like humans.

If you are keeping vigil with a dying animal friend you may find Sharon’s article on that topic quite helpful. The second part called What to Expect When Death Draws Near is especially helpful in explaining how the body systems will shut down. 

As an additional help, a wildlife rehabilitation worker tells me that the homeopathic remedy Arsenicum Album helps remove fear of death in addition to its many other healing properties. There is a sound frequency for that though it doesn’t specify potency. I have added that frequency to the experimental downloads section.

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