When the Veterinarian Runs Out of Answers

When my vet discovered to his and my dismay that my cat Shadow had a tumour on his soft palate, he had no solution to offer.  I said I would try sound frequencies. I explained what they were and my vet said, “It can’t hurt”. Sadly, Shadow’s condition was already late stage and pain relief was the best I could offer.

Even with best intentions and advanced technology, there are times when the veterinarian simply runs out of answers. If you truly want to cover all possibilities for helping your furry friend, this may well be the time to try some alternative treatments. This article will give you an overview of some of those possibilities.

There are few classically scientific studies on alternative veterinary treatments. This should not be surprising as Big Pharma is not going to fund studies of possible competition with no profits in sight. Both animal acupressure, part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and homeopathy have histories of research and some holistic veterinarians have added this knowledge to their practices. And extensive anecdotes and reports regarding frequency treatments (mostly used with Rife machines) have been collected and compiled by Electroherbalism and others.

Now I want to be crystal clear about this. I am NOT suggesting substituting alternative treatments for veterinary attention. The only exception to this would be a situation where veterinary care is unavailable for whatever reason. For the most part, these treatments can be used at the same time as veterinary treatments or following them. Frequencies, homeopathics, and acupressure have no chemical components to interfere with veterinary prescriptions. Herbals and essences (that last due to alcohol or other preservative) should be confirmed as non-interactive with veterinary prescriptions.

Killing Viruses & Other Pathogens

The veterinary arsenal has few weapons against viruses and this is why deadly diseases such as Canine Parvovirus, Feline Leukemia (FeLV) and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) are typically treated only symptomatically. Vets will often give antibiotics which have no effect on viruses. A vet explained to me that this was to kill any secondary infection thus lightening the load on the immune system. The opposing opinion is that unnecessary antibiotics weaken the immune system.

Frequencies as used by Royal Rife, James Bare, Hulda Clark and others, can “devitalize” or kill different pathogens including viruses. There has been much intrigue and skepticism around “Rife Machines” and Rife frequencies but the ability of some frequencies to kill pathogens has been documented.

The “Rife machines” typically used some kind of contact device such as a plasma ball or wire coils. Various types of Rife machines are available for purchase.

Sound frequencies of various types (homeopathic, brainwave entrainment, etc) have also demonstrated some pathogen-disabling effects. As mentioned above, Electroherbalism has collected anecdotal data regarding which frequencies are effective for what conditions. Much of it is for human conditions but the list does include frequencies found helpful against Canine Parvovirus, FeLV and FIV. Parvo is fast and lethal and if you are caring for a dog you need to know the symptoms and be ready to support him.

FeLV and FIV often act more slowly than Parvo as they undermine the immune system. While some rescuers/shelters will euthanize any cat that tests positive, others will give them a quarantined life with other cats who also tested positive.

You can pick out the pathogen-disabling sets of frequencies from Electroherbalism and other lists to play on a tone generator (hardware or software). I also offer  Experimental Downloads  of some of those frequency sets on this website including those  reported to disable Parvo, FeLV and FIV. You play the frequency set as needed (gradually to allow the body to eliminate dead viruses). No refill needed.

In my experience vets do not have — or care about — helping an animal’s respiratory congestion. This is similar I suppose to not having a cure for the human cold. However, I found and recorded a frequency set for CATARRH which seems to work for my and the cats’ colds and allergies alike. It is also in Experimental Downloads.

Stimulating Organs, First Aid, Other Wellness Aids

Just as frequencies can disable pathogens, they can also stimulate and normalise internal organs (as extensively researched by Bruce Stenulson). A number of these may be found in Experimental Downloads. There is a collection of frequencies for animals there and liver and kidney insufficiency frequencies are included. Those conditions are common in ageing animals.

Some homeopathic remedies can also help normalize organs as well as providing First Aid. Homeopathic First Aid Kits for Animals are available. There are some additional remedies that can help with emergency treatment (such as Thlaspi Versa for urinary blockage) but these are not common and may need to be special ordered.  

Homeopathy is not only different in principle from western medicine, but the protocols can be very detailed. Some homeopathically trained holistic veterinarians will offer phone consults if your vet will fax test results and records. You can locate these veterinarians through holistic veterinary associations.

Homeopathic remedies are scorned by some because the principles involved are totally different from western medicine. For myself, I have effectively used them repeatedly for myself and my animals so I’m not interested in opinions of skeptics.  

Finally, stimulating acupressure points (yes animals have them too), can be repeated for healing benefits. My favourite book for details of this is Dr Cheryl Schwartz’ Four Paws Five Directions.

All of these modalities may be thoughtfully combined to help with recovery and/or aging and to supplement the health care your animal needs.






4 thoughts on “When the Veterinarian Runs Out of Answers

  1. Larry Newsome

    Looking for help for my cockatoo have you used feq. tech. on birds? I have a gb4ooo w/m.o.p.a. and a plasma bulb, she has pdd. Would like your input.
    Thank You

  2. admin Post author

    I have not worked with birds or reptiles. You might want to do a literature check or check with your vet. I would be reluctant to try frequencies with non-mammals.

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