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While the media is currently full of photos of hypodermic needles, I discovered there are vaccines being developed for delivery in other ways. I heard about a nasal spray first and that started me on this exploration. 

Ever since I read about our British Columbia homegrown vaccine, SanNOtize, from a biotech start-up in Vancouver, I have been on a research journey of discovery. The NO in SaNOtize stands for Nitric Oxide. Let’s be very clear up front: this is NOT the same as nitrous oxide, a sedative also known as “laughing gas”. 

Nitric oxide is a nano-molecule manufactured in the human body, including by the para-nasal sinuses. It plays an important part in many body functions. Turns out it is antibacterial, anti-fungal and most importantly during this pandemic, anti-viral. Dr Chris Miller, (who began his career as a respiratory therapist, and is now an assistant professor at the University of British Columbia) and Dr Gilly Regev saw the potential of nitric oxide being delivered as a nasal spray.


Clinical trials for use of SaNOtize against the covid-19 virus have been conducted in the USA, Canada and the UK. Health authority approvals are being sought in various countries including Canada, and it is approved for sale in  New Zealand and Israel. The evolution of the product is mirrored in the list of its press releases here.

But if it’s natural and manufactured in the body, aren’t there alternative ways to increase our nitric oxide? The answer is a resounding YES! There are supplements to increase it but specific foods and exercise can also contribute.

But the simplest, least costly way to increase nitric oxide is by controlling how you breathe (through your nose only) and humming. Yes, you read that right, HUMMING can actually increase the amount of nitric oxide produced in your para-nasal sinuses. This doctor explains how and why (and even mentions the frequency of 130 hertz).  

The doctor, as well as a comment on the YouTube page, also mention the similarity to yogic breathing known as pranayama, sometimes called alternate-nostril breathing.

While on the subject of controlled breathing, I will mention that my doctor introduced me to “lymphatic breathing” for relief of lymphedema. He said it would put an extra ten years on my life. And Russell Brand tells us that attention to breath can cure many ills.

For general health, as well as virus protection, I expect to be breathing more deliberately now. And while I don’t whistle while I work, I may just start humming. 


Note: Virtual Oxygen Therapy can also help increase oxygenation of your body. Over the last few years, I have used it constantly during seasons of heavy wildfire smoke. And NanoSilver is my go-to remedy for respiratory relief from allergies.  

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