The Health Information They’re Not Telling You

Not Telling About the Bad Stuff

In the news there have been stories about  health information that has been kept secret with disastrous consequences. The lead poisoning of Flint Michigan’s water supply was one of the big headlines. Montsanto and Exxon Oil have both been accused of “crimes against humanity”.  And I have to wonder if the authorities who insist on fluoridating community water supplies are informing those consumers that fluoride has been declared a neurotoxin.


Those are just a few particulars. There have also been some ominous questions about the nature of scientific research in general. The Washington Post published an article about research that demonstrated that many published scientific studies cannot be replicated.

The Profit Motive

What shines clearly through all of this turbulence is the profit motive. Activists against Montsanto and big business represented by Forbes magazine each accuse the other of profit motive. Forbes accuses the activists of “organic special interests” even though various countries have banned the use of Montsanto products. And with regard to scientific studies that can’t be replicated, it is noted that research jobs include much pressure to publish.


Not Telling about the Good Stuff

But it all works the other way too, and that is harder to observe. If big corporations refuse to fund research that will not lead to money making patents, who is to know? And the lack of research leads to lack of credibility thus writing off the competition by omission. This post gives more information on lesser known alternatives. 


As an example consider Big Pharma versus herbalism. Those herbs can’t be patented, so Big Pharma isn’t interested. But Big Pharma will synthesize compounds that promote a similar effect (analog) and can be patented. Example: Valium, (diazepam) a controlled substance,  calms anxiety as does the herb called valerian root. But unless you’re into herbalism, you won’t know about valerian root which may be harvested in the field or bought in the herb store without prescription.


In addition, you may avoid side effects of the synthetic drug by using the herb. Some veterinarians will use diazepam to convince a cat to eat. Others avoid it citing possible kidney damage. But valerian root will also stimulate kitty’s appetite and it is sometimes used as a catnip substitute.



What else don’t you know about because “scientific” corporations won’t fund studies? What deliberately unstudied stuff might be cheaper and healthier for you???


Consider acupuncture. It is a totally different system from Western medicine based on life force or “chi”. When first introduced it hadn’t been studied by Western science but it had a whole cultural tradition behind it. Westerners tried it and got results and even now Western science acknowledges results  but can’t explain it.


India also has its own medical system though it is less well known in the west than Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is called Ayurveda and uses herbs from India such as neem and peelu. I personally find an ayurvedic-based tooth paste more effective for sensitive teeth than chemically compounded toothpastes.


Good Stuff You Don’t Swallow

But what about medicine that you don’t swallow? We westerners don’t have much of a concept of that except stuff that goes on your skin. But some stuff that will affect your skin also may affect your ears. I am talking about vibrational  FREQUENCIES. You can hear a certain range of frequencies as sound but frequencies also vibrate your skin and cells and any parasites you are hosting in your body.


Western science has experimented with laser frequencies and found they can be helpful in fighting viruses. Researchers at Arizona State University have found a way to calculate the resonant frequencies of a cell. Using these frequencies they can shatter the cell the way a singer can shatter a wine glass with the right tone of voice.


In passing it was noted that Raymond Royal Rife had done some pioneering work with vibrational destruction of pathogens in the 1930s. He discovered a cancer virus and how to destroy it. That profit motive mentioned above apparently raised its ugly head along with politics, harassment and arson. Rife died discredited with much of his work lost.


However other people came along to build on Rife’s work and even eventually located some of what had been lost. Even through the credibility battles, some people tried Rife’s methods and recorded what worked for them. Electroherbalism collected the anecdotes and reports of different frequencies, some of which destroy pathogens, and others which balance the body. All those lists of frequencies and what they did for some people (in the absence of “scientific” funding) are here.


I was heartened to see that some people had experimented with animals: there are frequencies listed for feline leukemia virus, feline immunodeficiency virus (feline aids) and canine parvovirus. In serious diseases like these, I feel the frequencies should be used alongside regular veterinary treatment which has no effective treatment for viruses but can otherwise support the animal. My own vet said it couldn’t hurt.


So with a tone generator on my computer, I program the frequencies I want, and play the frequencies while recording them. The resulting sound file can then be placed on my mp3 player or emailed if under 25mb to someone who needs it.


I had seen how frequencies helped my cats and I began to use them for myself. The one that removes fluid is a godsend for when my lymphedema flares up. My mp3 player is full of frequencies, not music, for myself and my cats (A number of my cats are feral which makes handling them difficult. Sound frequencies can medicate them without handling).


There are various types of frequencies that work in various ways and my ebook explains all that.


But because I had already recorded a number of these Rife-type frequencies, I decided to offer them for download on my website. If you want to try out these frequencies, without having to  set up a tone generator, choose a waveform, research the frequencies etc, you may purchase them on my website for $1.99 for each frequency set.

My frequencies are cheaper than a small bottle of ibuprofen and won’t run out. AND they won’t wreak havoc with your digestive system. Download here.


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