Rushing to Kill the Planet

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In this summer full of weather disasters, wildfires and heat waves, many people are now paying more attention — personal attention — to climate change. Animals, ecosystems and biodiversity are also affected. So it is not surprising that corporations contributing to climate change are rushing to spew even more propaganda, greenwashing and lies than usual. This was driven home to me when I spotted this local bus declaring that “BC LNG will reduce global emissions”. 

Turns out this propaganda costs $1350 per 4 weeks and was paid for by the Canada Action Coalition, reportedly “dedicated to raising the level of awareness and education surrounding the importance of Canada’s resources to our quality of life and economy.” Gotta wonder what they think of our quality of life this summer (especially if they are without an air conditioner) and going forward.

Of course the BC government as well as the industry spouts this untruth  and have been doing so for years. It continues to be contested now.  I get a sardonic laugh from the BC government website which claims that “Respect and partner with First Nations” is a condition for LNG proposals. This after years of militarized police invading First Nations land to enforce laying an LNG pipeline against the will of Hereditary Chiefs (NOT the ones elected per the Indian Act). 

Even Coastal Gaslink, the company that lays the pipe, pipes up with the required greenwashing. Of course the government of Canada is just as corporate-captured as the BC government.

Oil companies are also rushing to squeeze every last dollar from this overheating planet. Suncor, Shell and BP are quoted as being “too focused on the energy transition”. Reminds me of the USA Republican plan to kill environmental protections. And let’s not forget the real down and dirty: coal. Both BC and its wealthiest businessman have investments in thermal coal.

There was an old 1959 movie, set in Australia, called On The Beach. There was at least one remake of it. The plot was about the aftermath of a nuclear war. Not so different from the progression of global climate change. Governments were forced to help citizens deal with the end. Is that what we will come to? Watch it and see.

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