The Newest, Most Organized Social Media Platform — And It Pays You

If you’re like me you’ve had frustrations with existing social media platforms. Facebook comes immediately to mind, given the scandals over user privacy and repeated complaints about algorithms that restrict friends’ posts. I bypassed some of the latter by bookmarking favourite sites and then going through my bookmarks list instead of bothering with the feed. But I’m certainly tired of the Facebook prompts to buy ads and the Facebook  instruction notes plastered all over my view of my pages telling me how I should do it the Facebook way.

When I first heard about this new social media platform called Webtalk, I looked into it briefly. It sounded confusing. I was reading that it combines the functions of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Dropbox and more without Facebook-type manipulation. Here is an overview.

You start with your profile which is similar in form to LinkedIn, but you don’t have to show all of it  to everyone.There’s a news section where you can post as well as sections for videos and photos. Myself, I have been increasingly frustrated with YouTube policies. I moved some videos to Vimeo and figured I’d leave what was on YouTube. But then I went to include one of my YouTube videos in a post and it appeared it had been edited, with no request or warning. That video was professionally produced by a TV station filming a project of mine so it wasn’t my editing error. I cancelled my YouTube account. I’m looking forward to uploading my videos to Webtalk.

Photos are another area of Webtalk I’m looking forward to. I began a Tumblr blog for that purpose but was stymied because I couldn’t find a way to organize the photos by subject. Since functions similar to Dropbox were mentioned, I expect users will be able to share and collaborate on Webtalk files. For me, offering a proofreading service, that could be an opportunity to show clients corrections and suggestions without using email. There will be places to exhibit credentials, a portfolio and business products.

The thing is, you can post your personal photos of being goofy as well as your job experience. Then you organise it so your friends can see your goofy photos but your boss sees only your job experience. Your connections are classified as personal, professional or business, and you determine what each group gets to see on your page.  

Webtalk is still being tested but the plan is to pay its users. Here’s the story.

As mentioned above, Webtalk is still in beta testing. You need an invitation to join. So here’s the link to my page. That should give you an idea of what it’s like. If you like what you see, there is a sign up button at the top.

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