Flirting with Seahorse

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You may have heard of essences such as the Bach flower essences. Usually essences capture the vibrational frequencies of different plants and those frequencies help balance humans and animals suffering various emotional or physical conditions. Here on Vancouver Island, Pacific Essences has also collected the essence frequencies of different species of sea life (without harming any of these creatures).


Some years ago I was moved to try the essence of Seahorse. Sabina Pettitt of Pacific Essences described Seahorse essence as helping one access the “wild one” within. I don’t recall much of that experience beyond generally feeling more alive.


Recently, Seahorse essence came to my attention again. Over the last several years I have seriously overworked twice, leading to a chronic low energy condition. A TCM practitioner said I had deficient kidney yin. Accessing the “wild one” looked attractive, a way of finding my energy and joy again. This time around though, I was also interested in the fact that Seahorse influences the spine because I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my lower back last year. So I bought a bottle.


I tend to be casual about taking such things as essences as my life is already overscheduled. But I put it in the cupboard beside the stevia I use in my coffee…so I wouldn’t be likely to forget to take it. So I took it often and life went on.


A little more than two weeks after I began taking Seahorse essence, I finally got out in the garden and began to give it some needed attention. I was connecting with earth and nature again and my back got a good stretch too. A few days ago I was motivated to buy some new clothing and get my hair trimmed and shaped. I started listening to my music again…that and my dancing had fallen by the wayside. And I’ve had several days at a time when I’m walking almost normally again.


So I’m thinking Seahorse is starting to connect me to my wild self. Not only wild as in being in touch with nature but also wild as in reconnecting with and expressing my own essence. As in finding my dance again. It’s a gradual process, in fits and starts. But the low energy times are getting shorter. And even during them, I remember the spark of the aliveness.


I’ve always felt wonder at the magic of Nature. That is wonder coming through the five senses. This getting to know Seahorse’s energy and its reflection in me…that is another affirmation that all Life is connected. That is communion.

originally published in nature  Sunday, 30 June 2013


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