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Thursday, 14 June 2012


The weather has been so cool and rainy here on the Pacific coast that it almost fools us that it isn’t summer yet. Almost…there have been a few actually hot and sunny days. But lately locals have been muttering about this being the month of June-uary. Each morning there is again the dilemma of what to wear to be comfortable and whether to set up heat or air conditioning for the animals. Some people are wearing jackets and some are sleeveless or less (trying for wish fulfillment I always think).


Yet it is only a few days until Summer Solstice, when the sun reaches its zenith. The weather is only a distraction. All around is the green lushness and VERDANCY of summer. Spiderlings cluster on a web before each grabs a strand and balloons off into chance and chaos and its adult life. Reminds me of my class at the end of high school as we paused before going our separate ways. Tree frogs patrol around the house for mosquitoes and other many-leggeds. This one popped out when I was checking the generator.


But I am grateful to be able to slow down and observe all of this. I am between jobs at the moment so I am not held prisoner in my head by time requirements, databases and personnel issues. It was not only the weather that kept me from observing the spreading tendrils of summer.


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