It’s All in the Rhythm

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Wednesday, 4 July 2012


I love days when I have no obligations, no need to be anywhere, no need to do anything in particular. Slow wakeup, lingering over coffee, thinking about whatever comes into my head. This is one of the times when I am aware of Guidance. Not a voice, but maybe almost. A solution to a problem or an answer to a question is suddenly laid out for my mind to examine. I consider that this comes from my higher or deeper Self, the part that is in touch with why I am in this life. It is a mind space separate from schedules, lists, worries, and traffic.


Those lists, worries and busy people are all part of the brainwave state called beta. Beta brainwaves are brainwaves generated by your brain at a speed of roughly 12-40 cycles per second, described as 12-40 hertz as measured on an EEG machine. The cycles are the rate of firing of brain cell neurons. When your brain waves are in this beta range, you are operating in mental mode. The higher end of this range is known to cause anxiety. Day to day life in Western culture tends to enforce beta brainwaves.


Brainwaves will change to copy the rhythm (cycles per second or hertz) of audio or visual stimuli. Audio or video recordings can be used to entrain your brain to the speed you want to be at, thus inducing the corresponding state of consciousness. A recording made to help you sleep may entrain your brain first to alpha then to delta brainwaves. Delta brainwaves (approx. 0-4 hertz) correspond to the state of deep sleep. I suspect I am in alpha brainwave state, approx 8-12 hertz during the slow times I love. Alpha is the state you are in when daydreaming: you are alert but very relaxed. It is a good state for problem solving.


Animals and children both seem to be able to tell when your focus changes which may indicate a change in brainwave state. A computer programmer was telling me how his very young son would start trying to get his attention when he stopped focusing on the boy and began to think about programming. My cats will leave my lap even though I’m still stroking them when I start to think of something abstract instead of the ball of fur on my lap.


I suspect my cats help me stay in alpha state. Animals are said to naturally be in alpha or theta (approx 4-8 hertz) brainwave states. I believe there is a subtle communication between my cats and I, where my brainwaves adjust to theirs (as long as I’m not preoccupied with the schedules, lists etc.) I saw this demonstrated when studying at a seminar with a spiritual teacher. While the seminar was taught, two senior students sat apart silently going through the structured meditation. This was called “form holding” and it was said to help the seminar participants study and learn the same meditation.  So I believe my cats “hold the form” for me. I have to wonder if people who keep multiple animals (sometimes called hoarders) are at least partially rewarded by their animals helping them stay in more relaxing brainwave states.

The copying of stimulus speed by the brain is called brainwave entrainment or frequency following response. There are many recordings of various frequencies on the market to help you almost instantly attain a meditative or learning or paranormal or sleeping state by entraining your brainwaves. As long as the frequency is not recorded as binaural beats (which require headphones) the entrainment works with animals too. An example of using brainwave entrainment to help a wild cat is under the post “Soothing the Savage (or Terrified or Grieving) Beast” in Cat Rescue at
Medieval Gregorian chant sung by male clergy, is said to have used Solfeggio frequencies. Solfeggio frequencies have been shown to be healing, both physically and psychologically. A number of people have paired them with imagery and placed them on Youtube (search “Solfeggio”).




In 2010, John Hutchison and Nancy Lazaryan used Solfeggio frequencies carried on radio waves (like Rife machine frequencies which explode pathogens) to clear the oil and solvents from Gulf of Mexico water after the BP oil spill. An independent firm that did chemical analysis of the cleansed water verified this.  This was reported by alternative media, such as Pure Energy Systems News.  Interestingly, when I google “Hutchison Lazaryan” I find little or no mention of this in mainstream media.


To acknowledge that the pollution was cleansed via sound waves would’ve destroyed our brain washing that says that only what is tangible is real. What would happen if we ignored our conditioning and believed audio frequencies to be healing? Science has proven that cells communicate via frequencies. So it shouldn’t be surprising that another type of frequency, homeopathic frequencies, can help balance the body.
I pigged out on a very good dinner. Suffering the consequences, I play an audio of homeopathic nux vomica on my mp3 player. Tummy ache and bloating is gone in 10 minutes. I didn’t have to buy anything. I just play this frequency. There was some milk product in that dinner and I am sensitive to it. Later, if the postnasal drip turns into a waterfall, I will play an audio of homeopathic silicea and will FEEL IT DRYING UP in less than 5 minutes. I stopped buying antihistamines a long time ago. Right now I’m playing a combination frequency for dental issues, more for the cats than for me. One of my rescue cats has ruptured eardrums where moisture builds up and then fungus grows. A curious side effect of this dental frequency is that his ears stop being squishy.
What would happen if you bought a sound medicine just once and simply reused it every time you needed medicine? What would you think about over the counter and prescription medicine? I’m not writing science fiction here. My website has a wealth of information on healing sound frequencies. 


The story twists again. There was a short verbal explosion about digital drugs in an Oklahoma newspaper. The quote by the police officer was quickly removed. The officer noted that kids displayed the symptoms of drug use after listening to certain frequencies. You can choose the frequency that simulates your drug of choice at You can be a legal dealer. Top selling dealers are congratulated by being listed on the website.


Me, I’m not much interested in watching pharmaceutical and chemical companies and health agencies try to discredit frequency medicine. I don’t pontificate about drugs. What really interests me is this: when the power of audio frequencies, including Solfeggio frequencies, becomes acknowledged by mainstream culture, how will that culture change?


Will the Invisible become acknowledged? Will the old ways of singing round the fire take on new meaning? Will chemical pollution become inexcusable?  Will the possibilities of digital drugs force acknowledgement that our culture is so unhealthy that people turn to addictions to escape it?


My own fond hope is that animal rescuers will use frequencies to help animals that can’t be handled such as feral cats. I’ve written an ebook about that.

freqguidecoverfullname copy


In 2009 a feral (wild) cat I was caring for developed cancer. I was working with a holistic vet to keep him comfortable, but medicating him required creativity. Though he had lived with me for 5 years and we had a bond, that didn’t include touching him. And I don’t like to bleed. I came across audio frequencies to help him, and have been exploring them ever since (he died peacefully at home).


This e-book describes the audio frequencies I used with Pops the feral cat and with my other cats. It includes an outline of types of frequencies and suppliers. Also, it mentions the frequencies I’ve used for myself and the frequencies and accessories I hope to soon explore.
This ebook may be downloaded here.

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